Our Main Services

Florida Marine Industries: a wide range of solutions

FMI - Florida Marine Industries was created to meet the needs of the major operators in the market of cruise ships by providing a relevant service fulfilling their demands.

Taking the advantage of the support and the experience of the Italian companies and subsidiaries operating in different sectors and their complementarity, Florida Marine Industries offers a wide range of solutions

Air Conditioning Systems

Refitting of marine and industrial air conditioning, machinery and technical room ventilation plants, and cold storage and freezing rooms for ships and industrial use. Design, development and manufacture of firefighting systems for any kind of ship, in compliance with current regulations.

FMI - Florida Marine Industries, through the expertise of Tecnavi Srl, guarantees the technical and functional responsibility with constant presence of engineers and technicians who supervise each activity. FMI provides an after-sales service, including a wide range of spare parts to ensure our customers the best service possible. FMI’s experience provides to our customers a comprehensive service including advice, expertise and technical support. From design and selection, to commissioning, the company guarantees the best effort to ensure that your system has the operational lowest cost.

The equipment is tested and guaranteed in accordance to the company’s policy of customer services also with the execution, if requested, of reliefs regarding machinery performances such as thermal emission, and air structural noise, self-inducted vibrations. The customer service includes system dimensioning further to conversion assignments including on board survey and inspection. Manufacturing, supply and installation of chiller units and manufacturing and installation of copper pipings for freon distribution, customized tube condensers, freon recovery units and direct expansion batteries with electric fan.

Electrical Installations

Design, manufacturing and supply of medium voltage primary switchboards, main switchboards, power centers, MCC, single starters and distribution panels. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of electrical systems as M.V. and L.V. power distribution, communication, security, safety, HVAC. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of Renewable Energy Systems.

FMI - Florida Marine Industries, through the experience of ORTEC Industriale SpA, offers global solutions based on requirements of the customer with turnkey solutions including contract managing, project and design, electrical supplies, electrical installation, production of electrical switchboards, tests and commissioning, technical assistance. With constant attention to future requirements of the customer, FMI chase the realization of the product with zero defects: the complete conformity to the regulations.

Qualities of product and qualities of service are the results that Ortec Industriale has achieved in many years of experience and activity in the professional market of the construction of the Standardized Low Tension Switchboards, for systems of distribution of the electric power in Naval and Industrial setting.

The FMI’s workforce consists of qualified and expert technicians, specialized in the preparation of the switchboards, of planners always updated on the new technologies and equipment, and of skilled staff for on-site intervention of technical assistance.

Outfitting And Furnishing

Outfitting and furnishing for new shipbuilding and conversions. In particular: passenger and crew cabins, passenger and crew public areas, teak decks and furniture, all kind of furniture, outfitting on warships, private yachts furniture, general refitting, and dry-dock works.

FMI - Florida Marine Industries, through the skills of Gerolamo Scorza SpA, offers customized furnishing solutions to the marine industries. Experienced staff, following precise procedures, carry out the project development. FMI’s goal is to achieve client satisfaction through a strong synergy in the team and a fruitful collaboration with the owner and the Shipyard. Gerolamo Scorza, with more than 100 years of experience provides a comprehensive “from concept to turn-key” service. The company supports owners, architects and shipyards in the implementation of projects for the outfitting and furnishing of cruise ships, luxury yachts, off-shore units, hotels, villas and resorts. Thanks to the consolidated process developed during the years by Scorza, FMI can produce any kind of furniture, wall panels (Doluflex, Thermax), metal frames for furniture, teak furniture and teak doors and teak decks, ensuring very high-quality products.